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CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys coming together to build better tax resolution firms.

Tax Resolution Academy

About Us

We are a community of tax, legal, and accounting professionals that have gathered together for a common purpose: Help each other to build better tax resolution firms.

We believe in providing competent representation to our clients, while also operating the most profitable businesses possible. We are committed to constantly increasing our knowledge to provide the best possible service to our clients. In addition, we are committed to operating our practices through best-in-class systems and acquiring clients using proven direct response marketing principles.

Why You Should Join Us

Tax Resolution Academy is the digital community for TaxMarketingHQ.com Gold Members. Here, you can participate in thoughtful discussions with other taxpayer representation practitioners, download marketing materials and document templates, register for upcoming live training sessions, watch recordings of recent Tax Resolution Office Hours, view direct response marketing courses, and much more!

As an Academy/Gold member, you also receive complimentary access to CE/CPE webinars, a subscription to "The Profitable Accountant" monthly print & ink newsletter, and much more!

To be very clear, you must be an active Gold, Diamond, or Tritium member in order to join this digital community. To become a Gold member, click here. Join requests from non-members will be declined.

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